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How Healthy Junkies formed:
Parisian Lead singer Nina Courson met British guitarist Phil Honey-Jones in 2009 in the now defunct venue Punk in Soho, both of them were in separate bands at the time. It wasn’t long before ideas were bouncing around and they began to write songs together, the shared influences of the likes of Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Blondie, Killing Joke,Sonic Youth, Bauhaus and Bowie playing a big part in the direction of the music. Inspiration has come from far and wide and lyrically the lines between autobiographical and fiction are blurred and merged. I suppose if there was a specific aim it would be to capture and bottle the essence of certain music from the past and release it kicking and screaming into the now.
They played their first gig together at an all day punk festival in Brighton in September 2010 where the promoter ran off with the money and Healthy Junkies only got to play about 15 mins before the festival shut down.. Since then the band have played many gigs all over the U.K. including a slot at the mighty Rebellion punk festival in August 2012, 2013 , 2014 and soon again in August 2015. The band continue to play at their self-hosted monthly night at The Unicorn, Camden London as well as travelling all round the UK whenever possible so its busy busy busy on the road.
On stage lead singer Nina Courson interacts with the other band members and entices her audience in the theatre that has become the trademark of their live shows. Its all in the songs really, make what you will of any messages you may find either hidden or glaringly obvious, Healthy Junkies are here to entertain, they play what they feel like playing and don’t feel the need to compromise or fit in, The world right now is not necessarily a better place but this is where we find ourselves and so stay Healthy if you can and if you’re going to get addicted to something, make it music that means something, not prossac/mind numbing pharmaceutical corporate rip off pills intended to kill individuality off and turn us into lobotomized robot slaves.
They self released their debut album entitled Sick Note in 2011. The follow up ‘The Lost Refuge’ is available from STP Records or this website and a new E.P. entitled ‘Hair of the dog’ is now available only at gigs or from the band themselves online.The current line-up for the band now includes Dave Whitmore on bass guitar and Tony Alda on drums playing alongside Nina and Phil. HJ released their third albim entitled ‘Box of chaos’ on Feb 20th 2016 on STP Records. A new single with video entitled ‘I don’t give a damn’ has just been released.

Maeve Molly - Vocals and guitar | Kaz - Drums
2 piece garage punk rock from Dublin!

'Vulpynes are like what Mudhoney would sound like if there were only two of them, and they took even less shit' - Overblown.co.uk

'Drawing on their pair’s influences in punk and ‘90s alternative rock, Vulpynes are a blast to experience live. Their songs are simple constructions of gritty riffs, pummelling drums and unreservedly punkish vocals that bring to mind the likes of L7 or Hole' - GoldenPlec.com

'Driven by deliciously scuzzy riffs and snarled vocals, this already feels like a pit anthem' - Hotpress Magazine, Silica - 'Track of the Fortnight'

'[Silica] Musically, it’s the most complete song Vulpynes have put out, opening with a whirl of guitar and slam drum that calls to mind Nirvana’s ‘Territorial Pissings’. Stepping its tempo up and down, the track keeps you hooked through to a jerk stop, leaving Maeve’s biting, jagged voice ringing in your ears' - Gigslutz.co.uk 'Ones to Watch'

'Dublin grrrl punk duo Vulpynes are not your everyday kind of band. With their sound referencing everything from the Stooges to Pretty On The Inside era Hole, they pack a punch and plenty of attitude.'
('OCD' 5 Star review - Grrrls With Guitars UK) VVK

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