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No Trigger European Tour Spring 2018
Special Guest: The Bombpops
Support: Save Ends + Fire Ants From Uranus

NO TRIGGER (usa - Bird Attack / No Sleep / Mightier Than Sword / Nitro / Bigmouth)
NO TRIGGER have been around since the year 2000, pumping out melodic punk/hardcore songs slowly but surely every 4 or 5 years. Five long years have now passed since their last LP 'Tycoon' came out in 2012, so the boys just recorded a brand new 4-song 12" titled 'Adult Braces', and it is unquestionably their greatest material to date. The album is everything fans have been waiting for: catchy as hell, flawlessly executed, and filled with hits. This album consists of 4 singles. 4 goddamn hits. 4 fucking earth-shattering smash hits. 4 number one mega-hit singles, all tied for number one. The next song on the charts would be number five. It would be these 4 songs tied as number one, then song number five. Then song number six.
Recorded with Jay Maas in Haverhill, MA and mixed/mastered with Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, this album is as professionally produced as punk records come, so play it as loud as you goddamn want. Bird Attack Records will be releasing the album on special one-sided, screen-printed 12” vinyl worldwide. It will be released digitally (iTunes/Spotify) on Friday July 28th 2017, and released physically on Friday August 11th 2017.
No Trigger will be touring the UK and Europe in August of 2017, playing some regional East Coast US shows in the fall of 2017, and will also be appearing live at The Fest in Gainesville, FL in October. Grab a ticket now to any or all of the shows and go see these hot new jams played (perfectly) live.
Keep an eye out for more live shows TBA and pick up a copy of Adult Braces as soon as your dirty little hands can get ahold of that bad boy.

THE BOMBPOPS (usa - Fat Wreck Chords)

SAVE ENDS (usa - Tiny Engines / Black Numbers)
A minute or so into "PunkORama 30", the opening song on Warm Hearts, Cold Hands, Save Ends slugs their listeners in the face with a circle pit-worthy charge into the first verse of their first full-length.
It's only a little unexpected. Strength Vs. Will, their 2012 debut, displayed a band that mastered mid-tempo power-pop; full of rumbling guitars that play off of each other like the guy/gal vocals featured on each track, the self-released EP immediately impressed listeners, and it's no wonder that Tiny Engines scooped up the Boston band before any other labels could. So, when "PunkORama 30" leads with a similar melodic sensibility—with sparkling guitars and slow, stomping drums—then lunges suddenly into a double-time dash, it's a startling and exciting signal that Save Ends has applied a punk-rock punch to its pop sensibility.
Warm Hearts, Cold Hands follows the energetic trajectory set by this opening track. Some of the energy comes from the instruments—"Same Old Dice" throbs with Burton Wright's tom-heavy drumbeat, for example, while the piano on "Skeptical Sons / Curious Daughters" drips delicately against its roaring guitars. Other songs get their power from Christine Atturio and Brendan Cahill's complimenting vocals—from their confident voices bouncing off of one another in songs like "A Life They Wrote" or melting into harmony on "Song of Susannah", but also from their lyrics, which address life's relentless evolution; though they sneak some nerdiness into their songs (including references to Stephen King's Dark Tower and Dungeons and Dragons), the effect isn't alienation but solidarity.
And that's what makes Save Ends' first full-length so remarkable—its ability to connect with its listeners, draw them in with delicious melodies, and punch them in the gut.


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