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Making noise since 2003, Acidez has achieved to increase the volume of the Mexican Punk, reaching a significant level on the world scene; exploding in the ears of thousands of people who are willing to hear the sound of acid, that drop by drop erodes the structure of the establishment.

Influenced with the british Punk of early 80's and the Punkore of the 90's, Acidez begins to show it's first signs of life, playing a more classic Street Punk, adding over time, elements of Thrash, D-Beat and Rock 'n' Roll in it's sound, revealing a musical evolution but demonstrating the same unbreakable attitude since its beginnings. The lyrics of Acidez generally disprove the system, their continuous injustices and their roots made from selfishness and greed. The transgression to the religious dogmas that still manipulate to our society and the continuous destruction of the planet, are very common topics in the song lyrics too.

Making noise since 2003
The first recordings of Acidez were used as the first demo "Acidez E.P." in 2004. At this time began the presentations within the local scene, and spreading their music and message through the web. Although there were several lineup changes, the band was consolidated in 2006 with Soti and Rodo, on bass and guitar respectively, retaining original vocalist and drummer. Here it was where Acidez started playing out of town, entering one of the most representative bands of Mexican Punk.

No Hay Futuro
With a better defined sound, they decided to record new songs giving ahead some of it in 2007, with the demo "En Las Calles E.P.," but in 2008, is when it's released what would be the first album called "No hay Futuro" with Estajanovismo Records, and which they writed his name on the international scene. In 2010 the single "Mi Odio Y Mi Rabia" in order to record the first formal band video. Then, along with the American band "The Angst" made that year the "split" called "Deadly Dose / Dosis Mortal" by Stress Attack Records, with songs from the first album, the video song, and some new ones that return to recording for the next album.

Don't Ask For Permission
In 2011 born the decision to take the vocalist out the band, due to some differences and not sharing the same interests of the other members of the band. Here comes Tupa as the new vocalist of the band, starting a new era unreservedly to extend the music and message. In the same year, they begin to record new songs, and despite some setbacks with the change of vocalist, is achieved the recording of the second album "Don't Ask For Permission" which comes out in 2012 by Bam Bam Records in Mexico and the first LP with Voltage Records in Europe, with three more videos, "Don't Ask For Permission", "Pierdes Tu Tiempo" and "Sin Control".

Beer Drinkers Survivors
In February 2014, the album "Beer Drinkers Survivors" is released by Bam Bam Records in Mexico and Voltage Records in Europe, with the video "Camino Al Infierno", a song taken from the same album, and start planning what would be the first European tour.

In late February 2014, landing in Paris after a journey of over 12 hours, begins the tour by 9 countries of the old continent, which continues in the summer of that same year, covering over 40 cities across Europe, including Berlin, Moscow, Prague, Madrid, Paris and Rome, devastating scenes in their wake, gaining new experiences and good friends. That same year, is released the "split" called "Forajidos Del Rock 'N' Roll / Nación De Metaleros" in collaboration with Malignant Tumour band from Ostrava, Czech Republic, production comes with Canadian label Unrest Records.

The rejection of the rules and laws made for the benefit of the few and the denial of the existence of a good future, are aspects that have remained in the ideology of the band since it's inception; as well as a taste for beer and the proud to have taken this way of life that keeps the subversive attitude that defines the Punk.

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