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are a German three-piece who channel their musical forms in extended forays of psychedelic blues rock. Formed in 2008 by guitarist Christian Peters with second guitarist/actual bassist Hans Eiselt, former bassist Richard Behrens and drummer Thomas Vedder, the Berlin-based band plays a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelic blues, Indian raga, trash metal and traditional folk.
Their uniquely organic sound has earned them a reputation as one of the best new bands to rise out of the current heavy rock genre while their live shows are heralded as euphoric jams and cosmic voyages. Extensive touring throughout Europe has put the band on stage with icons Hawkwind, Pentagram and Kyuss Lives while sharing festival dates with contemporaries Orange Goblin, Mondo Generator and Yawning Man. Roadburn, Yellowstock, Herzberg, Desertfests and Stoned From The Underground have all witnessed the cosmic grooves and metaphysical energy of SBE’s psychedelic whirlwind.
During their first five years, they have produced three superior studio albums, “Long Distance Trip” (2010), “Revelation & Mystery” (2011) and "Waiting for the Flood" (2013) that showcase a playful musical journey that blends duel-guitars, pounding rhythms, retro styled jamming and hypnotic hooks in the tradition of classic krautrock.
They released their fourth album "One with the Universe“ via Electric Magic Records in May 2017. These five new epics subtly are a culmination of all their works and truly a hard hitting cosmic invitation for floating into their universe of spiritual progression. The most evolutionary development compared to previous albums is the cosmic usage of analog synthesizers, keyboards and effects, while not losing focus on catchiness and well-rendered songwriting. "One with the Universe“ can not be put just into one genre: it is a multifaceted heavy rock album with tons of soul, courage and originality!
Christian Peters (Guitar, Vocals) / Hans Eiselt (Bass) / Thomas Vedder (Drums)

is on the edge of space-rock, stoner and progressive. Cosmic wall of sound, psychedelic vibes, instrumental music that invites you to travel through your mind. Trippy grooves for heavy riffs with spacey keyboards landscapes, all enhanced by hypnotic video projections. Fasten your seat belts, ready to take-off !
They started in 2001 in Lausanne (Switzerland) as a jam-band community, influenced by a psychedelic and stoner-rock vibe that reminds Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin or 35007. With their debut album "Monkey3", released in 2004 by belgian label Buzzville Records, the band got great reactions and reviews all over Europe, putting them on the map of the stoner-rock scene.
Over their 13-years career, MONKEY3 released 5 other albums whose last, "Astra Symmetry", came out in September 2016 via Napalm Records! All along the years, the Swiss quartet also toured everywhere in Europe, supporting the greatest acts, and playing the best festivals : Roadburn, Hellfest, Desertfest Berlin & London...
The new album was critically acclaimed (entering the German Top 100 Album Charts amongst others) and was followed by a 3-week 'European' Tour in October!
Boris (Guitar) / Kevin (Bass) / Walter (Drums) / dB (Keys)

Achtung: Beide Bands spielen jeweils ca. 1 1/2 Stunden, daher ist eine dritte Band nicht mehr zusätzlich eingeplant! VVK

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