TRUCKFIGHTERS (S) + special guests
Freitag, 11.10.2019 · 20:00 Uhr


You can't escape from what you are.
The answer could be as simple as that.
Almost two years off the grid the band returns with a world tour to celebrate their first album 'Gravity X'. Originally released 2005 in Europe (2006 USA) the genre classic turns 15 years in 2020. The band gives the celebration a jump start second half of 2019 with selected shows in North America and a big European tour. The rest of the world to follow in 2020-2021.
This time the plans don't go further, what happens happens. There's only so much you can control in life.
If ever there was any doubt, this time off has shown the band members who they really are. With the ambition to play enough shows to satisfy their inner urge without losing the motivation, it is safe to say the touring will be less frequent than the most intense years of the band. Just as safe as is it to say that the shows will be better than ever and as always with a hell of a fuzzy sound!

Niklas ‘Dango’ Källgren
Oskar ‘Ozo’ Cedermalm
Daniel ‘El Danno’ Israelsson

Discography (full length albums)
2005: Gravity X (Fuzzorama/Meterocity)
2007: Phi (Fuzzorama)
2009: Mania (Fuzzorama)
2014: Universe (Fuzzorama/Sony)
2016: V (Century Media/Fuzzorama)

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