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Ein echtes kleines Stoner-/Psychedelic-Rockfestival von "Sound Of Liberation" zum Ende des Jahres mit 4 absolut hochkarätigen Acts der Szene!
Einlaß bereits um 18 h, Beginn um ca. 18.40 h!

ACHTUNG: Wegen schwerer Krankheit des Schlagzeugers von My Sleeping Karma werden diese ersetzt durch The Devil & The Mighty Blues aus Oslo! (siehe Statement unten!*)

Igor (Vocals, Guitars) / Sergii (Bass) / Dmitry (Drums)
STONED JESUS hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and they are doubtlessly the biggest band to emerge on Eastern Europe's stoner/psychedelic/doom scene recently. Started in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Igor as his solo project, they toured Russia and Ukraine in early 2010, releasing their highly-anticipated debut "First Communion" few months later (re-released on vinyl in Spring 2013).
2011 saw them changing direction on "Stormy Monday" EP and more shows followed, confirming their reputation as one of the most spectacular bands to experience live. Recorded late 2011, STONED JESUS' second full-length "Seven Thunders Roar" showed their constant desire to reach beyond and push forward. Less doom and more psychedelic, it peaks with 16-min long "I'm The Mountain" epic, the most progressive and ambitious track from the band so far. Released in Spring/Summer 2012, it has become the most requested item on their European tours
They began 2013 with a new drummer Viktor, a new video and a new 7" released just before another tour. In August, they self-released a compilation of jams and improvisations "The Seed, Vol. 1", a download-only collection serving as a fundraising weapon for their next full-length "The Harvest", released on February 24th 2015, and followed by a European Tour in March!
In 2017, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of "Seven Thunders Roar", they performed sets featuring their most famous album in its entirety. They released their latest and most experimental album to date, "Pilgrims" on September 7th 2018 via Napalm Records, and will be touring a lot in 2018/2019 to support it!

Arnt O. Andersen (Vocals) / Petter Svee (Guitar) / Torgeir W. Engen (Guitar) / Kim Skaug (Bass) / Kenneth Simonsen (Drums)
With a profound love for the old heroes of the Blues walking hand in hand with rock, metal, country and last but not least punk, THE DEVIL & THE ALMIGHTY BLUES is armed with vintage Gibson guitars and tube amplifiers. Their new take on blues-based rock is heavy without becoming metal, slow without being doom, bluesy without being straight up and boring. It’s slow, heavy, melodic and raw.
When the 60’s turned into the 70’s there was a musical crossroads. The American blues had had it’s run with teens on both sides of the Atlantic long enough so that the blues-offspring named rock’n’roll had to expand or die. It did not die, it expanded in all kinds of directions! And right there in the crossroads between blues-based rock and all the world’s other sub-genres of rock, something happened to the blues. The format got experimented with, expanded and almost made unrecognizable. But at the same time the roots to the original ’real’ blues was never lost. Where Peter Green left Fleetwood Mac in 1970 with the track «Green Manalishi», where Johnny Winter stretched his musical legs, where ZZ Top bought Marshall full stacks and shot from the hip, and last but not least where the legend himself, Muddy Waters, stretched the limits of that was ’legal’ with the album «Electric Mud». And not to forget Hendrix, Free, Canned Heat and the rest of the gang from the Woodstock-era. The result was a highly electric musical revolution, where e.g. the newly born genre hard rock walked hand in hand with traditional delta blues.
It is out from this musical mud THE DEVIL & THE ALMIGHTY BLUES have found their inspiration. Their music is slow, heavy, melodic and raw, all without losing the almighty blues out of sight.

Cheesy (Guitar) / Alky (Guitar) / Sheepy (Bass) / Hexy (Drums)
Polish heavy-doomfuzz-metal outfit BELZEBONG started in 2008, and since then they bring tons of evil weedian riffage for persistent ones. The band drowns themselves in a sea of distortion and fuzz, and after their appearances at prestigious festivals such as Stoned From The Underground, Desertfest Berlin & London, fans of Doom Metal have found a new hero in the scene!
Their debut album "Sonic Scapes and Weedy Groves" was out in 2011 after a multitude of shows leading up the the album's release. The band's first known tour followed in 2012, known as the "Smoke of Madness" tour. A one-song EP titled "Dungeon Vultures" came in 2013 with "The Dungeon Tour" to follow.
After many more days of the roads, in the summer of 2015, BELZEBONG released their second album through Emetic entitled "Greenferno". They took part of the "Up in Smoke Roadfestival Vol.7" in March 2016 alongside Stoned Jesus and Mars Red Sky.
Now at the end of 2018, they released their 3rd album "Light The Dankness" and are about to tour heavily to promote it!

is a stoner rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. The band mixes elements of stoner rock, psychedelic rock, shoegazing and post-metal in their music.

* Das Statement von My Sleeping Karma:
"Dear Friends,
it is with heavy hearts to announce that we will not be part of the upcoming SOL Sonic Ride Tour with Stoned Jesus and Somali Yacht Club.
We would have loved nothing more than beeing back on stage and playing for you all, but the current circumstances forces us to this cancellation.
At this point in time we can´t even tell when we will be back again. No further shows are booked or planned.
We truly apologize to our dear fans, all promoters and all people involved for causing trouble along with this cancellation.
Thank you all for your understanding. Better days will come.
Love MSK
Please go and support our tourmates Stoned Jesus and Somali Yacht Club. They have put a lot of effort in to make this tour happen and should not suffer due to our cancellation."

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Hardtickets bei Ratzer Records, Saturn, Flaming Star und Bonnie & Clyde in Stuttgart!

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