The Cavemen + Permanentz
Dienstag, 29.10.2019 · 20:00 Uhr

The Cavemen (outta control garage punk from Auckland, NZ)
& Permanentz (punkrock powerpop / Brussels, Belgium)

The Cavemen have been described as looking like “a cross between the *Gun Club* and the *Cramps*” with a sound that’s “a crossbreed between *GG Allin* and the *Dwarves* and a slew of other degenerate lo-fi punk groops”...“four stone age cretins who live and bleed for rock’n’roll. Everything in their performance screams of frustration, anger and a furious energy that makes it a true rock’n’roll experience.”Their self-titled debut features plenty of greasy riffs, uncouth howling and road-rash-raw garage punk. Think a dose of Dead Moon, with a little of the Cramps and The Stooges, and then throw on a whole heap of vintage trash punk debauchery. That’s essentially The Cavemen. It’s sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll, lo-fi and punk as fuck.

Karlstraße 13
72007 Tübingen
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